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NYX Face & Body Glitter - Red - #GLI09
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Glam things up a notch and shine like the star you are with our sparkling new Face & Body Glitter, available in 12 light-catching shades ranging from ruby red and multi-colored purple to bronzy brown and yellow gold. Pair with our GLITTER PRIMER for a sparkle-perfect look.

Item Name: NYX Face & Body Glitter - Red - #GLI09
Manufactuer: NYX Cosmetics
Type: Face
UPC: 800897846817
Weight: 27 grams - (0.06 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Color: Red, Discontinued, Finish: Glitter, Glitter, Lunar New Year, NYX Cosmetics, Red, The Ultimate Mani Gift Guide, and Valentine's Day Collection 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
I can't believe this product is not yet listed on here.

I can't believe this product is not yet listed on here. This is another great line of product from NYX. I wouldn't say the price is that great, $6.50 for 2.5 gram per fullsize jar is actually kinda pricey, even though glitter doesn't go bad, if we really do use the glitter on the body, the jar won't last very long. If strictly used on the eyes ad face only, then it'll last quite a decent while. I don't actually have any of the fullsize product, I got them in the mini 3 glitter stacks included in the GlitterGoals sets released for the 2017 Holiday season. Each mini jar contains 1.5 gram, each set was $15, comes with a minisize Glitter Primer half the fullsize product too. I think it was a fantastic deal to try out the quality of the glitters NYX has to offer. The shades I got description included are (the shades unspecified as permanent are new, probably limited edition shades):Kit 1:Black: black glitter dust with multicolour reflectsCrystal (permanent): "silver opal" says NYX, it is a silver glitter with colourful reflects. The specks in this are largest in size.Emerald: as the name suggests.Kit 2:Gold (permanent): a pale, slightly white-ish yellow gold.Copper (permanent): burnt orangeRuby: a true red glitter (the Red glitter in their permanent line is more pink with red reflects, and guess what, it's described by NYX as "ruby". Very confusing)Kit 3:Luna: a very fine white based glitter with hues of green, pink and copper. It shows up as a sheer white with coppery flecks on me, but I do have olive undertone so the more understated shades of green are often lost on me. It's really gritty feeling and can get in your eyes.Pink: imagine pink tinsel decoration, it's more like that tacky plastic pink. The Rose glitter in their permanent line is a true pink.Purple: a warm violetAs you can see, not all glitters are created equal. The multicoloured ones (Black, Crystal, Luna) are the most difficult to work with, since they have different shades mixed into them, it's hard to get them to show up in all their glory. Only Crystal show up as beautiful as it looks in the jar, Black and Luna may get very patchy, overall those two are the duds. The rest of the glitters are solid colours, very easy to work with and get the full impact.I use them with the included NYX glitter glue and I have no issue with fallout or creasing during the day, except for the aforementioned "difficult" shades the different colours and sizes of the specks mixed in adheres differently on the lid and it shows.I generally put on the glitter glue, while I try not to blink and wait for the glue to become tacky, I pick up the glitter on a damp brush then I pat it on. Any fallout on my face, I remove with a piece of tape. Tip: use the tape to remove the glitter from your brush and any surface it falls on. Glitter is like the fleas of makeup, it gets everywhere and a sticky piece of tape is the best way to catch them all. I even remove the glitter on my eyelids with tape. Just stick the tape on your arm or clothes first if you're that terrified of aging.I love the products in this 3 jar stack form, I don't use glitter a lot and only on my eyes, so these will last me forever. Each little jar has a twist top (and if it's the middle jar then it's got both twist top and bottom), and a plastic sifter, its holes sealed by a piece of tape. I keep the tape on because I don't want the glitter to get through the sifter and explode all over my desk whenever I open up a jar. It's also very compact to travel with, I can pick and choose the shades I want and make my custom stack, as long as the twist tops and bottoms allow them to fit together).All in all, except for the disappointing Black and Luna shade, I enjoy every shade of glitter that I got. Although only 3 of the shades I have exist in the permanent line, I think other than the confusing colour names, it's a pretty good indicator of the fullsize, permanent products. I'd happily recommend this glitter for anyone, and their glitter glue too. If I were to run out or lose them , the shades I most likely to repurchase are Crystal, Ruby, COpper, Pink, Purple and Emerald. I'd love to try out the new Metallic Glitter range too. I hope they put together the 2018 holiday sets just like these, it's a great, economical way to own multiple glitter in a compact packaging and at a great price.

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