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NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer Pencil - Caramel Beige - #GCCP10
44 reviews
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Tan With Yellow Undertones

Skin imperfections, beware! When it comes to covering up discoloration, our new Gotcha Covered Concealer Pencil does NOT mess around. 

Item Name: NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer Pencil - Caramel Beige - #GCCP10
Manufactuer: NYX Cosmetics
Type: Face
UPC: 800897017804
Weight: 23 grams - (0.05 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Concealer, Discontinued, and NYX Cosmetics

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
This has to be one of NYX's worst eyeliners.

This has to be one of NYX's worst eyeliners. I loved their vinyl and matte liners and when I saw this I picked it up thinking it would be great. Boy was I wrong. The liquid liner doesn't come out. I shook it, left it upside down, wet it, dragged it on some paper.. just dryness. The kohl liner was awful too! I tried to apply to my eyes and it dragged and skipped. Overall very DRY formula. Not sure if I got a dud but it was so bad that I threw it out. I never throw products out unless they are totally unusable and this one was.Also, when I was at NYX I saw a girl trying to return this product and I overheard the sales associate asking why she wanted to return it and she said it was dry and bad as well.

I think this product is nice for the price, though I feel the kohl breaks extremely easily and th...

I think this product is nice for the price, though I feel the kohl breaks extremely easily and the felt tip dried out within 3 months. Some of its nicer qualities are that the liquid is very opaque and the kohl works perfectly for the waterline! If you have watery eyes or tend to rub your eyes I would not recommend this for you. It doesn't last very long, I'd say throughout the day I re apply about twice. Though it dries out fairly quickly, I found out that just removing the tip and switching it around fixes that probmlem. The quality of this eyeliner is overall great and since I have dark hair I used a brow brush with the kohl liner for my eyebrows and that was amazing. I overall recommend this product just DONT. BREAK. THE. KOHL.and remember to switch around the tip if needed!

So this is a product that would have had potential.

So this is a product that would have had potential... had the packaging not been so cheap. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to my Kat Von D liner and had this recommended to me so I thought for $13 it was worth the try out. For the price I was really impressed. You don't have to constantly go over it to build up a line, you just get a nice solid line with a single stroke. It's easy to control, went on quickly and I could get a nice wing tip out of it. Is it water proof? No, but it doesn't claim to be. If you have a problem with your eyes watering, like a clogged duct, this may not be the brand for you. I would say the longevity it pretty good. I have pretty oily lids, so I would get a bit of fading after several hours, but nothing too bad. I primarily used the liquid side. I did try the kohl side once or twice. It was fine, but nothing special. I got a bit of 'build up' on the tip after the second use and wasn't really encouraged to switch between that and the liquid. I was still happy with this as a drug store liner.However (this is a big however, the top of the liquid side popped off itself after two weeks. I'm on the go all the time so I don't have the luxury of being able to leave my make up bag stationary. I need my make up to move with me, and I have never had this happen before with any previous brand of eye liner. It completely dried the felt tip out. I read online the same thing happened to other people and they recommended taking the felt tip out and switching it around for its opposite end. It worked!.... until that awful lid popped off again and dried out that side two days later. None of the traditional revitalization tricks I've used with dried up felt liners worked. It was a goner. So I was left with a mediocre kohl pencil. So really, after spending $13 for two weeks worth of liner I was better off spending $30-40 and getting a brand to last me 2 months. This really could have been a good find had NYX not cheaped out on the packaging.

I bought this the other day at Ulta when I exchanged a few items.

I bought this the other day at Ulta when I exchanged a few items. I have to say I really love the sharpener .It is almost $5.00 but I think it is worth it . A sales person helped me find it at Ulta and I used it the next day to sharpen my NYX jumbo lip pencil. I love it the jumbo lip pencil got sharpened perfectly. I comes with two holes one to sharpen a thin eyeliner or lip pencil and a larger hole to sharpen jumbo eye pencils or jumbo lip liners . I used a less expensive cheaper one before this to sharpen my NYC and lost some product because the sharpener kept breaking my eyeliner . The NYX sharpener also come with a cap to capture all of the shavings which I love as well. So far the NYX sharpener is the best sharpener I have ever tried of course it would be nice if it was less expensive but I love it so much I am willing to pay for quality.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTI, too, received the 2015 Sephora birthday gift of 2 Nars lipstick pen...

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTI, too, received the 2015 Sephora birthday gift of 2 Nars lipstick pencils. I really like them. I want to use them. SO SUE ME. Anyway, the problem was that the 3 sharpeners I owned did not sharpen them. All 3 were dual sharpeners for both small and big pencils. (L'oreal, Prestige, Wet n Wild.) The Nars pencils were a little too large and I kind of thought I was crazy for not being able to sharpen them?Anyhow, this cheap NYX sharpener works amazingly. It was less than $5. I also hear that UD Grindhouse (seriously best product name ever) also works well, but I lost mine a while ago (I still rue the day) and this is five bucks less, so. Hope this helps someone because it took me from last August til this March to figure this out, lol.I have a new problem now. This problem is the ability (not to be confused with the means) to buy more of those stupidly awesome and stupidly expensive Nars pencils.

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