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OPI - Gel & Lacquer Combo - Miami Beet
57 reviews
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Matching set of OPI GelColor & Lacquer - Miami Beet. For a professional and long lasting manicure with a perfectly matched pedicure.

Professional Product
Item Name: OPI - Gel & Lacquer Combo - Miami Beet
Manufactuer: OPI
Type: Gel & Lacquer Polish
Weight: 125 grams - (0.28 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: BPX, Color: Red, Creme, Fall, Finish: Creme, Gel Polish, GelColor, Group: Miami Beet, Kit, Lunar New Year, Nail Polish, Nail Set, OPI, OPI-HOT, Professional, Red, Season: Fall, The Ultimate Mani Gift Guide, Type: Gel Polish, Type: Kit, Type: Nail Set, and Valentine's Day Collection 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Alberta D.
Best Summer Red Ever!!

I love this color for summer toes and nails! It's beautiful!

Shiny red & matte white glitter suspended in a clear base.

Shiny red & matte white glitter suspended in a clear base. Nearly all hex glitter but there are some square-shaped white glitters thrown in. Super-cute, but the red & white combo is slightly limiting, so four lippies instead of five. Removal is a snap as long as you use acetone.I do love this one and I would definitely buy it again. Recommended if you like glitter top coats. Beautiful addition to my collection!

Madalyn V.
"Minnie Style" is a mix of red, magenta and red medium sized hexagonal glitters, in a clear base.

"Minnie Style" is a mix of red, magenta and red medium sized hexagonal glitters, in a clear base. The consistency of the polish is nice and the glitter transfers well with some work to get the glitters evenly over the nail. I would recommend it over anything.

I love this glass fleck red.

I love this glass fleck red. in the bottle I see more pink shimmer than I do on my nail. I see a true beautiful Christmas red on my nails. I did 3 coats of polish, because I kept seeing some VNL. I still see some VNL but in certain lights the shimmer drowns it out. I bought this when it came out but haven't worn it til now. The polish applied easily. I am not a fan of the pro-wide brush, I have narrow nail beds so no matter how careful I am with certain nails I always end up with polish on my skin.I am absolutely in love with the glass fleck shimmer in this polish. I keep staring at my nails. I am usually not a huge red fan but when I wear a good one I love it. This is a good red. I am glad I bought it, I'd buy again if I ever ran out... but with the many polishes I have I doubt that will ever happen.

Opi Minnie Style is a red, white & magenta shaped hexagon glitter in a clear base.

Opi Minnie Style is a red, white & magenta shaped hexagon glitter in a clear base. This is another one of Opi's latest fun & versatile lacquers that's one fabulous style being chock full of hexagon shaped glitter to make one spectacular polish! I know a lot of people love the various shaped glitters that have recently come out on the market, but get frustrated by the amount of time & messiness involved. I agree that it's more time consuming to apply any of these latest various glitter shaped base coat lacquers & that it can be messy, but the result in the end is worth it! It can be messy, but if you follow some easy & basic time saving steps & tricks; it makes it easier, plus practice makes perfect & after a few times; application becomes much easier. (If interested in some of my tips & time saving tricks when applying glitter based polish, please refer to my Opi's Nothin' Mousie Bout It review where I share my helpful tips.) Opi Minnie Style lacquer reminds me of confetti which goes together perfectly w/ the Minnie Mouse theme. This lacquer's vibrant, vivid, brilliant, girly, feminine & looks like a mini party in a bottle; Minnie Mouse style; of course! :) For the 2nd yr in a row, Opi's teamed up with Disney & the iconic Minnie Mouse. Opi came out w/ the Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection for summer 2012 which was a huge success. That collection focused on the classic, fashionable, hip & elegant style of Minnie Mouse. Opi then followed up this spectacular collection by coming out w/ the Couture de Minnie Collection for summer 2013. This collection fuses Minnie's classic style intermingled w/ the latest styles & trends. Opi's Minnie Style is a clear based glitter topcoat bursting w/ red, magenta & white hexagon shaped glitter. The glitter actually spread out more evenly than I had expected, but you can strategically move the hexagon pieces to the desired location on your nail w/ a toothpick w/ somewhat of ease as it's fairly easy to maneuver around the nail. Again, if you need some time saving tips & tricks on how to apply the glitter w/ ease; please refer to my Opi's Nothin Mousie Bout It review. That lacquer's from Minnie Mouse's 2012 Collection & is similar except the glitter pieces are heart shaped. Once you maneuver the hexagon glitter pieces, you must obtain your desired look fairly quickly because the formula dries fairly fast. So~ Yes, there's some work that requires a little time, skill & precision & that's why I gave this lacquer 4 lippies. HOWEVER, this lacquer does serve dual purposes as it can be used as both a topcoat & on its own making it super versatile & a great buy. For some reason when I purchase lacquers that serve dual purposes, I feel like I'm getting more for my money; especially since OPI has gone up in price recently. I don't have a problem paying because I believe you get what you pay for in life & that truly applies to Opi products. Opi's always a quality formula, dries fast, always consistent, extensive & fabulous selection & most important to me, Opi was one of the 1st to go 3 free. Being a young, repeat breast cancer survivor, my health is of top priority so a sense of relief in knowing I'm using a quality product, to me is worth every penny. Formula is slightly on the thick side.

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