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OPI My Me Era Summer 2024 Collection

OPI My Me Era Summer 2024 Collection


Are you ready to dazzle and delight with the hottest hues of the summer season? Well, get ready to turn heads and steal the show because OPI's My Me Era Summer 2024 Collection has arrived, and it's ready to take your nails on a journey back to the fabulous '70s!

Picture this: groovy disco beats, funky fashion, and nails that shimmer and shine like the glittering lights of Studio 54. With this collection, OPI invites you to embrace your inner disco diva and channel the spirit of the Me Era with every stroke of polish.

Let's dive into the dazzling shades of the OPI My Me Era Collection:

I Can Buy Myself Violets

A captivating violet hue that exudes independence and confidence, perfect for those who march to the beat of their own drum.

(Bee) Ffr

A bold and buzzing yellow shade that captures the vibrant energy of a summer day, guaranteed to brighten any mood.

As Real As It Gets

A nude shade with a hint of pink, embodying natural beauty and effortless elegance for a timeless manicure


Dream Come Blue

Dive into serenity with this dreamy sky blue shade, reminiscent of clear summer skies and endless possibilities.

Feelin' Fire

Ignite your passion with this fiery red-orange hue, sure to add a sizzle of excitement to any nail look.


Looking Cut-icle

A soft and delicate peachy-pink shade, perfect for those who love a subtle yet chic manicure that complements any outfit.


Midnight Snacc

Indulge in the allure of the night with this deep, sultry navy blue shade, reminiscent of midnight adventures and clandestine rendezvous.


My Me Era

Embrace the spirit of the '70s with this vibrant magenta shade, capturing the essence of disco glamour and retro chic.


A rich and luxurious shade of emerald green, symbolizing wealth, abundance, and the priceless moments in life.

Stop at Nothin'

A bold and fearless shade of deep purple, representing determination, ambition, and the willingness to chase your dreams without hesitation.

You've Been Red

Classic, timeless, and undeniably glamorous, this true red shade is a staple for any nail polish collection, perfect for making a statement with sophistication.


A playful and vibrant shade of lavender with a hint of pink, celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and the beauty of individuality. Perfect for making a bold statement while embracing love and acceptance.


So, are you ready to paint the town in style with OPI's My Me Era Summer 2024 Collection? Whether you're hitting the dance floor or simply soaking up the sun, these dazzling shades are sure to make every moment feel like a disco inferno. So grab your favorite shades, turn up the music, and let your nails do the talking. After all, in the Me Era, the spotlight is always yours to command!


We love to hear from YOU! What is your favorite in this blog? If you tried any of the tips, colors, or designs - don’t forget to tag us on social and use the hashtag #PolishWithBeyond. We love to enjoy your masterpiece with you. 

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I want some OPI gel and dipping powder. If you have it, let me know please. Thank you.

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