CND Shellac - Top Coat - 6 Pack (0.50 oz)




6 Pack of 0.50 oz bottle

CND Shellac UV Top Coat cures in just 10 seconds under a UV lamp and provides a strong and glossy finish for the Shellac system.

What it does:
It is a gel top coat that last for up to 2 weeks by protecting your manicure while also producing a glassy shine.

What else you need to know:
Try with CND Shellac UV Colors and UV Base Coat for the best results and the longest wear.

Additional Details

Item Name: CND Shellac - Top Coat - 6 Pack (0.50 oz)
Manufactuer: CND
Type: Top & Base Coats
UPC: CNDS-Top-6 Pack 0.50
SKU: CNDS-Top-6 Pack 0.50
Weight: 599 grams - (1.32 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: CND, Gel Polish, Shellac, and Top Coat

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