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Tips For Achieving The Perfect "#Nailfie"

Tips For Achieving The Perfect "#Nailfie"



We've seen countless swatches on Instagram (we love re-posting your photos!). But nothing is more satisfying than seeing a perfectly polished nail. The steps are simple! We wanted to put together a fun post with some easy tips for nailing that perfect photo (so don't take this too seriously!). 

1. Get creative with the backgrounds.

Make your photo stand out from the crowd by incorporating fun and colorful backgrounds. @xglitzandpolishx does a great job at this with her swatches! 


2. Use cuticle oil!

Get your cuticles ready for that closeup by using cuticle oil and keeping them moisturized. A clean cuticle line is a must for nailing the perfect photo (no pun intended). 


CND Solar Oil





3. Use props & avoid "the claw".

The typical swatch photo will usually include the perfectly manicured hand and the bottle of OPI, Essie, or CND. 


4. Find your natural lighting.

You'll want to find natural lighting for your photo to ensure the best quality. Plus, it's one thing to see the polish in a bottle. It's a totally different story once you've got it on your nails. 


5. Apply your polish in thin layers.

You don't want to apply your polish too thick. You want the layers to be nice and thin so they'll dry easily. Applying your polish in thin layers also helps you avoid flooding your cuticles. 


 Share your nailfies with us on Instagram by tagging us @beyondpolish!

Need ideas on what to do next with your nails?

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